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Naam Col. Skipmire Jac...
Datum 01-12-2003 20:15:35

The site the site the site NIKCUF A HOLEMS!!!! All other "nare do well" caRp sites throat jock. Malaise and malcontempt has had my Russel athletic sweatshirt all in bunches of knots for weeks and a cool breeze has just passed through my veins like a good spike of death shot heroin that I found on the ground behind Pharmore on Cottman ave. I feel like me an Big Ron are back on speaking terms again and caRp magnifacents can overwhelm and consume our mindmelds together forever and ever and I wont feel guilty for batting fish around after their dead and I can play around with their blood.

Naam Fiption Manglepoim
Datum 30-11-2003 20:44:51

hey guys whats up? I like what you've done with the place!!!!! Tjander is cool. I can't wait untill this winter is over so that I can once again pierce the shimmering springtime waters with my boily rig. My latest invention is a rig that contains a mini stereo that will permeate the sonorous waver of lute rep throught the murky carp holes. Penny penpoim

Naam Kim Robinson
Datum 23-11-2003 19:59:39

I have fished zimbabwe and south africa with the same old methods we use here for many years and after reading your articles and methods i can't wait to get out on the water and see how they work carp are regarded as vermin by most people in this area and it is not unuaual to catch 4 or 5 carp in the 6 pound up range in an afternoons fishing thankyou for a great site best regards kim robinson

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